Six Fingers discovers, researches and develops new perspectives on your future together with you

We are architects of the future. We help our clients to leave the beaten path and take the road less travelled by. This involves us designing ‘construction drawings’ of the future in the form of strategies, products, services and start-ups. We distinguish ourselves by our practice-oriented and co-creation based way of working. Methods that are part of our way of working include trend research, user research and Design Thinking. And the techniques we developed ourselves: Painstorming and Branchmarking©.

More about how we innovate

Dutch Design Week

Design new forms for democracy.

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EADA Barcelona

Educating international innovation talent of the future.

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Sigma Coatings

Develop a pioneering new business model for the painters market.

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United Nations

Making an impact on cities with social design

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Our portfolio includes companies like…

We work for clients in many different sectors, with diverse issues in the area of innovation. This diversity of branches ensures we have a wide array of insights that result in cross-pollination among our clients.