Together we make the future

Six Fingers helps build a better world through Humanity Centered Design

Six Fingers helps build a better world through Humanity Centered Design


It has been 30 years since the internet was invented. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange was established in 1994 to connect the various networks in a neutral place. The internet has since changed a lot due to new technology. But also due to the arrival of major players such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook. 

Questions we are concerned with are: Is the internet still being used as it was intended, as an open place to connect with each other? How do we ensure that it is and remains a safe place for its users? And how can we add value for important sectors such as energy and healthcare? 


A lot will change in the pension world in the coming years. Expectations about retirement life change as do certainties. And 65 now is not the same as 30 years ago. There is every reason for a pension fund to think about its role in the future and how to renew in a relevant way. 

Together with the SPMS pension fund, we will design the future role of the fund, develop new services and create contemporary forms of communication. 


The housing market is closed. Many people have no chance of a home that suits their needs and (financial) possibilities. This requires a transformation of the market: a change in the way we look at housing and the way we build. 

Together with mortgage lender Florius, Six Fingers came up with the Social Developer. During the Dutch Design Week we showed that things can be done differently and that we can make living accessible to Vitalos (over 65s). 

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