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Six Fingers prepares MBAs for the future

Six Fingers gives many master-classes on innovation. Including for EADA Business School in Barcelona. For four years already we have been training MBA students to become the innovators of the future. During our master-classes, we teach how to think in as innovative and pioneering way as possible. We also show these MBAs how they can get initiatives from the ground at major organisations.

The results

Full Design Thinking course

Collaboration with major companies

New prototypes

The best way of learning about design thinking is by doing it.

The best way of learning about design thinking is by doing it. The team of experts from Six Fingers guide our students through the design thinking process from defining the shark bite problem through to developing a client centric solution and its MVP. Through this unique experience participants develop and enhance new skills that help broaden their problem solving toolbox and complement their critical thinking skills.

Ella Boniuk, Director International MBA Program EADA
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Focus on innovation

EADA Business School provides courses in the context of innovation management. Design thinking is an indispensable element of that. Six Fingers teaches the students of this Masters course about design thinking and social design. Those students come from a great many different countries, from Japan to Colombia and from Germany to the United States.

The master-class takes six weeks, sand teaches students about various methods for realising innovation. On that basis, they can then go on to develop a product that people, cities and organisation genuinely benefit from. All to teach students to learn how to realise innovation in major companies. After all, they are the innovators of the future.

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From theory to practice

Through the EADA Business School, we work together with major companies. These include Telefonica, BASF and Vueling. During those six weeks, the MBAs will always get to work for a really big player in the business world. They bring a problem or issue to our master-classes, which they then solve in groups. During these six weeks, the groups work closely with the business itself.

Six Fingers supervises and challenges the MBAs. And transfers its knowledge on innovation and the processes within organisations. Each group eventually develops a concept and various prototypes that the organisation can use to realise innovation. That also makes our master-class an excellent investment for the business world.