Did you know that pandas have six fingers? This means they are the only animal with the power to break and eat bamboo. The panda has thus found a market without competition. But what’s that got to do with us? Well, a lot actually. After all, we are continually searching for that sixth finger: the new perspective that means your organisation becomes a pioneer. And that’s what we call real innovation. And that begins with dreams. Let us inspire you with our film, which has now been watched 160,000 times.

The talent for envisioning the future and the experience to reach it

Six Fingers is extremely curious. We’ve always been like that. Curious about opportunities in the market, about innovation and the best way to be entrepreneurial. From that position, we drive renewal. We use exceptionally creative brains for this purpose, but also our knowledge about innovation and many years of experience. All tools we are keen to deploy to make the future of your company better, clearer and more innovative. It’s for good reason that we call ourselves future architects.

Six Fingers comprises a multidisciplinary, ambitious and driven team. And we supplement this team with experts and designers from our network. Together we bring your future closer.

Rob Adams

Keynote speaker & challenger

Loes van Eerd

Trendwatching & project manager

Bart van Leeuwen

Prototyping & project manager

Silke Körver

Branchmarking & project manager

Marijn van der Poll


Ankie van der Padt

Visualization & project manager

Jeroen Slappendel

Branding & strategy

Rick Pijpers

Innovation & business development

Cécile van den Boogaard


Inger Heselhaus

Office Manager

Boyd Cohen

Urban strategist

Elizabeth Obediente

Director Barcelona

Barcelona biedt vele kansen en inzichten op het gebied van social design en de ontwikkeling van smart cities. Met meer dan 15 jaar internationale ervaring is Elizabeth de perfecte persoon deze kansen om te buigen naar impactvolle en inspirerende projecten.

Six Fingers Barcelona

Since 2018, Six Fingers has offices not just in Eindhoven but also in Barcelona. Why? Because that city offers us great opportunities. For four years now, we’ve been providing master-classes in Design Thinking for MBAs at the Eada Business School. As a result, we received many requests from companies, so decided to locate there. We have now worked on projects together with Vueling, rail concern Renfe and various start-ups and others.

What’s more, the city is a pioneer on the area of social design. And this is an ideal combination with our 13 years of experience in innovation. Together with Six Fingers Spain, we developed the Happy Citizen Design project. Curious about our project? Find more information at www.happycitizendesign.com. We worked for the United Nations based on this perspective, which takes happiness as the starting point rather than technology.