High learning curves and their application is what drives us. If you stop learning, it jeopardizes the future. Exploring and learning from this is the breeding ground for every project. 

A vision for and a way to the future can only be created by looking at your environment from very different angles. We bring together insights from research, trends and other sectors. In order to broaden the view of the future and to set up concrete experiments that lead to an alternative design of cities and new strategies, products and services. 

Bart van Leeuwen

Innovator and project manager

Bart has been helping companies find innovation since 2010. He is a quick thinker, creative, realistic and a good mediator. Continues where others stop. His knowledge and love for techniques and technologies make it possible to quickly convert an idea into a workable product. Always knows how to get groups back to earth and how to translate insights into products and services.

Cécile van den Boogaard


Previously, she built strong teams in the Department of Defense, for example in Afghanistan and with governments and companies. As a business administrator with a focus on change management, she helps teams to let go of existing thinking patterns, task- and people-oriented, in order to do justice to everyone in the team. Know what it takes to achieve the best possible result by properly setting up and guiding teams.

Edwin Schenk

Managing partner

Edwin has been a partner at Six Fingers since 2020. He has been working with top companies on innovations and transformations for over a decade. Until 2020, he worked for more than 7 years on the Dutch Design Week, a catalyst for innovation. He has an enormous drive to achieve goals and ambitions, in particular for innovation processes and complex issues. While others think that ambitions are not realistic, Edwin believes in the prospect of realizing the unattainable, making dreams come true and performing even better.

Irma van de Wildenberg

Researcher and project manager

What drives people? What are their pains? From her experience and perspective as a user researcher and her interest in people and the world we live in, Irma provides the crucial insights to design impactful solutions for the future. She knows what it takes to make the correct translation from idea to service and product. Analytical, pragmatic and sharp. Knows how to encourage groups to actually innovate and to supervise large and complex projects.

Jeroen Slappendel

Design Sprint expert

15 years of experience in research, product development and positioning of international organizations in various industries. Works from a broad interest and passion to understand behavior. Knows how to raise teams to great heights in co-creation in order to subsequently develop concrete products and services. He is an expert when it comes to setting up processes for complex issues.

Loes van Eerd

Trendwatcher and project manager

Like no other, Loes loves translating insights into future-proof perspectives. Always looking for creative, energetic and effective working methods. Knows how to strongly motivate and inspire groups. Targeted, clear, decisive and continuously developing. Give her a wicked problem and she will come up with a process and creative guidance on it that leads to new perspectives.

Marianne de Proost

Office Manager

With Marianne as office manager at the base, the Six Fingers team can fully focus on our clients and projects. Supports, relieves and connects with an eye for details, a sharp eye for the real feeling of hospitality combined with a dose of craftsmanship. Loves project management and making the connection between the creative and administrative process.

Marijn van der Poll


How does an idea mature? As an innovation expert, he knows the creative process like no one else. His work found its way to museums worldwide and was published in leading magazines. He was ambassador of the Dutch Design Week. Teaches organizations and students to discover the creative process at the Design Academy. Marijn uses his skills and experience to develop concepts with impact. Enthusiastic, fast and to the point. Works on high-profile projects for governments and businesses.

Michelle Hermans


As a researcher, Michelle is constantly looking for signals of change worldwide. With her open, creative and curious view of the world, she conducts continuous research together with our network into the latest developments and searches for the most inspiring innovations and transformations worldwide. She translates these into valuable insights and clear analyzes that form the input for the development of impactful and future-proof concepts for our clients.

Rick Pijpers

Growth expert

Over 20 years of experience in leadership at Fortune 100 companies and high tech start-ups. He recognizes like no other the complexity of decisions at boardroom level. Digitization from the emergence of the internet to date has helped shape it. Thoroughly based on harmony between vision, strategy and team building. Knows how to achieve growth, (re) knows the impact on organizations and knows what is going on at board level Making an impact on people and society is what drives him.

Mirte van der Nat

Project support

A great talent, we already saw that during her internship. Mirte graduates from the Design Academy this year and supports us in various projects. She also conducts research into innovative organizations and helps to further develop our methodologies.

Rob Adams

Founder, keynote speaker and challenger

Owner and founder of Six Fingers since 2006. Writer of four books on innovation and the fifth book is on its way. Razor-sharp, bold and knows how to guide processes in complex and challenging situations and groups. He inspires and challenges to enable other ways of thinking. Advises and helps management to give direction to complex future issues. Explores new perspectives and realizes innovation. In addition, Rob is a much sought-after speaker on innovation and transformation.