Creativity is all about making combinations. Connecting the dots. And we do that in a very structured way. Many companies continually observe their sector competitors. That’s traditional benchmarking. But those companies struggle with the same problems and the same limitations. And work in line with the same dominant logic. And that tends to limit innovation. Which is why Six Fingers looks further, using the whole world to obtain crucial insights.

Learning from others

We are continually revealing insights from other sectors. And we use these insights in projects. We use our own database for this, which we’ve been building for 13 years already. This allows us to select the right examples that help to solve problems and create breakthroughs. By learning from insights from other sectors in a structured way, it is possible to design new perspectives for the future.

How does branchmarking work?

Six Fingers doesn’t look at your competitors, but at pioneering companies in other sectors. We do this as follows: First we look at all the domains in which you want your organisation to stand out. What are the areas of pain and the perspectives on the market? And where are the opportunities as yet unexploited? This could be in the area of marketing, or products or services.

Then it’s time to consult our database. We’ve been filling this database for many years with information from top organisations worldwide. And that are very strong on the points you aim to stand out with. This allows us to study more than 700 cases. We then make a list of companies from which your organisation can learn a lot. Subsequently we translate this into practical solutions to your problem. As a result, we work towards a design that is truly innovative and new within your sector. One that will amaze your competitors and customers.

This is just one of the elements of the expedition

Join us on expedition

It’s very difficult to look beyond your own organisation and sector. After all, that’s the environment you know best. Six Fingers is keen to take you on an expedition into another world.

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