Innovation portfolio

It is extremely important to have an overview of all innovations within your organisation. So you know what needs to be worked on. And so you can learn in a focused way. But above all, to obtain insight into whether not only improvements are being implemented but also genuine innovation. Without this insight, there is a real danger that too many projects are initiated that all have a similar scope.


Gaining a keen insight into all innovations for the first time often ensures surprises among customers. We frequently see that it’s primarily improvement that is implemented and that innovation gets too little attention. Yet innovation is essential for the future. A clear overview not only provides this insight, but also helps to spot opportunities.

We work at gaining a clearer overview via two axes. A key axis is the axis of moving from improvement to innovation. To what degree does a possible project contribute to improvement, or is it more focused on innovation? Does it contribute to the existing business model, improve an existing product or service, does it aim at reinforcing an existing strategy? Then it is an improvement. Does it challenge the existing dominant logic, is it designed to create a new source of revenue, or is it aimed at creating new services or products? Then it is an innovation.

From inside out to outside in

The second axis along which we classify ideas and projects is the ‘inside out to outside in’ axis. Many projects work on the basis of inside out. These are the projects that does not involve the outside world and which works on the basis of existing knowledge of the sector and customers. Choices are made based on existing knowledge and experts in their field. With outside in, the basis is not knowing. Asking questions to give colour to the world that has not yet been revealed. This is all about understanding and experiencing how customers behave, what they feel and how they think and act, as well as which developments society is now forming and will influence. New insights from the outside world are very important for innovation, as long as the right people and domains are investigated.

Making it concrete

We build innovation portfolios together with our customers. By gaining greater insight, we are better able to steer the creative and investigative process, which is necessary to fill the innovation funnel in a relevant way. This allows us to design the future together with the operational teams of our clients.

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