To disengage from the dominant logic, you need a clear manifesto. A manifesto that challenges the operational team and gives them energy. How are we going to change the world? What do we need for this? And which limitations do we need to conquer? Formulating these limitations ensures a strong driver.

The new way of thinking

Innovation requires you to formulate what you are aiming at. The dominant logic of organisations is like a piece of elastic that keeps drawing you back to the existing way of thinking. It is necessary to break through this.

We formulate powerful, guiding manifestos that act as a beacon for operational teams. For instance, Kennedy’s speech when he clearly stated that he wanted to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. He not only indicated that he wanted a man on the moon, but also listed the reasons why and what had to be developed to achieve this. Such as the metals that required further development to withstand the extreme heat. This turns it from a dream into a direction that appeals not just to reason, but also specifically the emotions, thus generating energy to pursue the goal.

Calibration point for innovation

With large projects, the manifesto is a key means to maintain a clear view of what is being worked on. And what change it is we want to bring about. This is an important calibration point for the team that we can frequently refer back to, especially when there’s a headwind.

This is just one of the elements of the expedition

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