Scenario planning

The future is difficult to predict, but you could certainly use trend insights to explore various possible future scenarios. We do this using scenario planning.

Exploring the future

Exploring trends is generally the first step when exploring the future. Using trend research, you reveal changing values and needs. By signalling new products and services we analyse value shifts that are important to the future and for our clients. Scenario planning is a method by which we develop multiple future scenarios based on core uncertainties. Scenarios are often extreme but conceivable narratives of the future. Each scenario has specific opportunities and options for which we can develop new ideas in the creation phase. In this way, you actually apply trend insights within an innovation process. We translate insights from the trend research into strategies and possibilities that enable us to realise sustainable innovation at many different levels.

Visions often still too close

Scenarios can help you to establish a powerful future vision. Where do you want to go with your company? Or what do you want to contribute to with your business? This key step, a thorough future exploration, is often skipped. The risk of this is that (strategic) visions remain too close, and the (changing) values and needs of consumers are not sufficiently met with the products and services you develop. And that means that a genuine impact and successful innovation remain absent. By finding out which trends (might) have an impact on your business and understanding them, you can better anticipate the changing world and make a greater impact as a company. If you decide to not directly exploit a trend, we will at least be aware of the possible consequences of that decision. So we use future scenarios to give form to these uncertainties.

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