Trend research

There is a growing focus on innovation. Many companies are realising that their old way of working is no longer having enough impact on their target group or on the world around them, and are looking for innovation. Trend research can help them with this.

Anticipating needs

Strategic visions often remain too close, and as a result the (changing) values and needs of consumers are not sufficiently met with the products and services you develop. And that means that genuine impact and successful innovations remain absent. Which is why we investigate trends! By finding out which trends (might) have an impact on your business and understanding them, you can better anticipate the changing world and make a greater impact as a company.

Insight in development

Trends are observable developments that indicate changes in society (and thus also in the future). These developments have an impact on the cultural, societal or commercial environment. Using trend research, we reveal changing values and needs. You become aware of major movements in mentality, vision and behaviour of (groups of) people. What is happening in society? What drives people? How do you reach them, and what is promising or important? This gives you insight into the longer and shorter-term trends of people and organisations?

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Dare to embrace a wide perspective

Trend research demands a wide and deep vision. Beyond your own world and (direct) playing field. It’s all about signalling what lives in society at different levels and analysing what this means for you, your business and the future of your company. Researching trends requires skills that involve combining intuition with analytical ability. To trace, understand and subsequently create trends, an extremely structured research process is necessary. No crystal balls or vague predictions, but thorough research with concrete outcomes.

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