A vision must be underpinned and provide direction. Direction to innovation and thus the future. What is the focus? And the basis for new products and services?

Giving direction

The manifesto is your calibration point, the direction upon which the end vision is built. The vision outlines the perspectives for the future that are possible, and from which the new products and services emerge.

The vision for the future outlines the possibilities upon which development and testing rest. Multiple perspectives are outlined, but it’s the scenarios that possibly lead to a sustainable and impactful future. The vision is developed by the operational team, based on all insights gleaned during the user study, the trend explorations and the lessons from other sectors. This means it is no mere fantasy, but a strongly underpinned vision and the basis for new products and services.

Clearly identifying the problems in your market

The vision is the basis upon which everything is built. The foundation for innovation. The perspectives arising from this are act as a guide towards the innovation portfolio.


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